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Hawaii Photographer Akima.

  The best Hawaii photographer you can find If you are looking for a professional Hawaii photographer you won’t have to look any further. We will be there for every kind of photo shoot. Our photographer Akima is underwater and nature photographer for 20 years and have own gallery ”Waimea Blue" at Haleiwa North Shore Oahu.  However we only started recently with portraits so It is limited time offer $190/30 minutes photo shoot. 

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From a photo album of your friends to a set of pictures of your family, almost everything is possible. On this page we will show you the way we operate and what it is that can be expected of the photo shoot.   

Your family photos in one album Do you have family of which you want to have a nice family picture taken? Let us know and we will plan a family perfect photo shoot on the beach in beautiful Hawaii. 

For memory for couple photo shoot at Hawaiian vacation? Stunning sunset, beautiful memorial beach, rush green forest. Just let us know what is your dream shot?

Sexy portrait shoot

Our photographer Akima is female so you may relax and more comfortable with her if you want to sexy shots on the beach please talk to Akima!

The best service during the shoot The picture can be taken on any place on the beach that you prefer. Would you like to see the hills in the background? Or do you always wanted to have a picture with a palm tree on the front? Almost everything is possible when it comes down to the pictures on the beach. We will take the time to capture the moment and to show the emotion on the faces of the persons in the picture. This allows the picture to fully come to life. Before you know it you will have a nice set of photos for in your vacation photo album.  

 Why hire a Hawaii photographer?   Maybe you ask yourself, why would you hire a professional Hawaii photographer? You can hire a photographer to create unique images for your website, product or company. The beach of Hawaii is one of the most special places you can visit in the whole world. Imagine how beautiful it would be if, at the important moments, photos were taken. This allows you to collect them all in a single photo album. Thanks to this kind of option everyone who is on vacation will be able to think back to their pleasant time on the island.  

Additionally Photographer Akima is tour guide in Oahu so she knows where we can take best shot in Oahu!

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Limited time offer $190, 30 min session. (1-2 people)

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