Waimea blue artists

Jen Schultze


Self taught artist with diversely cultured background. Most of childhood was spent on the beaches of Okinawa while her father was diving and lived in FL, CA and she moved to North Shore Oahu to be close her mother.

Jen's art is an exclusive our art gallery in Haleiwa.

Hannah Mae


She started drawing as a child, filling the pages of many sketchbooks with her imaginative idea and using multiple different mediums throughout her life. Showing her love for the sea and tropical world while keeping mystical mermaid tales alive through the magical land of Maeland.

Hannah's art is an exclusive our art gallery in Haleiwa. 



She studied at California state university and graduated with a BA in studio arts. She works primarily in watercolor, pencil and acrylics. She has always loved drawing and painting since she was a child. 

Each one of these painting tells a unique story.

Jenna Wellein


 I’m endlessly inspired by Hawaii,” she says. “The  shapes of the crashing waves, the colors of the flora and rainbows, and  the unique textures of the earth influence every painting." 

Chris Sebo


 I start quickly  with a stroke spray paint across the canvas,then another here and there  building layers of paint, then using the textile materials, to rub,  scrape, and blend the paint all of a sudden, like a magician with final  act to awe you, a spectacular visual appears before your eyes.



 It is dedicated to capturing HAWAI'I moments. From the great views of Waikiki and Diamond Head to the sun setting over a  luminous ocean. This is Hawaii and its modern era of beauty.

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