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Waimea Blue Art Gallery & Ocean Boutique in North Shore

Waimea Blue, A Hawaii Art Gallery And Ocean Boutique, Captures Stunning Colorful Photographs From Under The Sea, Bringing Ocean Into Your Life. Now opens the heart of Haleiwa North Shore Oahu Hawaii. Haleiwa, HI – Waimea Blue, a local art gallery, ocean boutique, and art brand based in Haleiwa, Hawaii, began in March 2019. In the months since, the Waimea Blue brand and its photographer, Akima, have been sharing magnificent underwater photographs of our oceans and marine life with customers around the world. The Waimea Blue ocean boutique offers a variety of products to consumers around the world, including ocean-themed tote bags, clutches, luggage tags, t-shirts, and more. These goods by Akima allow consumers to get their own taste of...

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