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About Us

About Us


It's photo artist Akima's dream store that showing you 20 years of her journey of finding true color of the Earth.

All products are using her nature photography, original by Akima.

Feel the nature, into the Ocean.

She want to you to feel we are surrounded by nature which we need to save.

All her photography is something in nature, something in the wild, power of the Earth. 

When you visit our store, we hope this is an opptunity to you to think about the Earth and wildlife who we are sharing this planet. 

Waimea Blue Beach fashion, 

Over size beach bag, beach cover up, denim soft touch clutch for everyday use, vegan lather fashion tote and handbags. 

We are making something beachy fashion that you can enjoy island style everywhere you live. Bring the Ocean into your life. 


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Our Name



Waimea means sacred water. North Shore Waimea Bay is well known for a big surging beach.  The color of the ocean is different.  Ocean come in so many shades of blue. Waimea Bay gets super clear blue only a few times a day in the Summer. Akima always take  her dogs, Waimea and Maui, to Waimea Bay and call that special  clear blue water, Waimea Blue.   

What is "N21° Shore"? It can be read as North Shore. This North Shore O'ahu is North latitude 21 degrees.   

What you should know:  Hawai'i - We respect the true name of Hawai'i. Official name is the Hawaii but a real accent/name is Ha-wa-i-i which needs an okina (') between i. 

About Akima

Ocean photographer Akima

 Ocean Love Through The Lens

Photo Artist, Mermaid model

 Akima  was born and raised in Tokyo Japan. In 1999, Akima first got her  underwater camera and started traveling the world. She has been  fascinated with the underwater world and marine life and found passion  to be in the salt water. She started free-dive in Hawaii and found  free-diving is best way to photographing marine life. 

She  has lived in Japan (born and raised), Australia, Canada, New Zealand  and the Philippines. After 12 years of traveling in these countries,  North and South Pacific Islands Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, Samoa, Niue), she  finally found a place to call home, Hawaii.   


Something  fun: She fell in love with all the Pacific Islands. Mythology in  Pacific  islands is very similar to Japanese. They believe all natural  places  have a spirit. There are: mountain spirit, ocean spirit, fire,  snow,  rain, rainbow god/goddess.  Many beautiful stores...she believes  the spirits are here with her.  

Prints are available to purchase from here.


Looking for something fun in while you are in Oahu? Check out Akima's tour company. Snorkeling tours and Private Island tours are available.